Biting, Tazing and Arrests Round Out Saturday Night in Mount Pleasant

Police arrested one person for assault after the suspect bit two people.

Three people at one residence were arrested over the course of two hours at a residence on Bryn Mawr Avenue in Mount Pleasant shortly after midnight on July 3, police are saying.

According to a press release issued by the Mount Pleasant Police Department, officers were called to the home because Brett Nelson II, 22, allegedly assaulted two people by biting them.

Witnesses say that Nelson arrived at the home and attacked two people, one of whom was Sergio Gonzales, 24. Police say Gonzales lived at the residence but was in the process of paying his rent and moving out when Nelson attacked him.

When police arrived, Nelson was hiding in a closet and resisted arrest. Officers did use the tazer to subdue Nelson, who was suspected of being under the influence at the time of the incident. He was charged with two counts of battery, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

Also arrested at the scene was the homeowner, Carrie Holler, 26, because she reportedly punched someone and interfered with the investigation. She was taken into custody and charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and obstructing an officer.

And finally, after Gonzales returned to the home at about 2 am, he caused a disturbance so he was arrested for disorderly conduct and was being held on a probation violation.


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