Rob Zerban Has My Vote in 2012

Candidate Rob Zerban will give voters the opportunity to bring new blood into the First Congressional District.

Typically during an election cycle, it often comes down to voting for the lesser of two evils. You choose the one who supports the issues most meaningful to you – or at least doesn’t outright defy them. It can be difficult to encounter a candidate who personifies the conviction and integrity you would imagine only in a perfect political world.

I consider myself lucky because in the 2012 spring election, I will have the opportunity to vote for someone I can and do trust; someone with whom my values align and someone who entered into politics with the most noble of intentions.

Rob Zerban will be the first real competition for Congressman Paul Ryan in over nine years. This district, the First, has been dominated by the same incumbent for far too long and it is time for some new blood.

While Ryan continually votes to protect his own interests, Zerban became engaged in the race with the sole purpose of helping others and creating a better Wisconsin. Ryan has aligned himself with special interests and big corporations to ensure the flow of campaign financing. Lock step with the GOP/Tea Party agenda, Ryan has shown himself to be anti-union. However, he continued to support Davis-Bacon simply because his own family business would suffer and his local backing would dwindle had he not. But when he does not have a dog in the fight – its every man for himself.

Zerban believes that political figures are in their positions not to help the rich become richer or to line their own pockets, but to help those who need it the most. He was at the receiving end of much-needed assistance while growing up. He benefited from government food supplies and college aid. And with that assistance during childhood, as an adult he was able to run successful businesses, employ people with generous benefits and become a citizen who takes action to improve his community.

Tax breaks for the wealthiest of our nation were said to trickle down and create jobs. Well, it's been 10 years and this still has not happened. In fact, the economy has only deteriorated. Yet, Ryan still votes to extend these cuts. Zerban knows this logic is faulty at best and seeks to level the playing field.

Congressman Ryan has consistently voted against our best environmental interests. HR 2681, Amdt 799, Amdt 800, Amdt 735, HR 2018, HR 2417 are all examples of his attacks on our land, air and water and the agencies which strive to protect them. Zerban is a great admirer of our shores and has worked hard to preserve them through his work with the Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters.

Rob Zerban made sure that his employees earned fair wages and received health care benefits. He appreciates the fact that healthcare is an imperative issue which affects all of us. He also understands that Paul Ryan’s move to dismantle Medicare and Social Security would devastate the elderly and poor in our country.

I have spoken with a couple of Rob’s supporters:

“Rob Zerban is a man who has respect for the average working citizen. He knows that though it requires a great deal of creativity and follow through to create jobs in the area, that the answer in the meantime is not to try to cut folks' Medicare and Social Security when they're already struggling. Rob has respect for the countless hours of work that Wisconsin folks have put into investing in those programs, and would never try to take those away from us. Rob Zerban works for us--not corporate interests,” says Kenosha resident Angie Aker.

And Randy Bryce shares, “I sent a message to him. He replied within an hour. That impressed me. Accessibility is huge. He is everything that is good with the US. He doesn't have any strings being pulled by special interests. His campaign isn't supported by 'contributors,' it's supported by FRIENDS.  I can honestly say that I've never been so supportive of anyone running for anything more so than I am for Rob. I've never been more determined to get rid of someone (maybe with the exception of Walker) than I am with Ryan.”

I vote based on the issues. I have never voted straight party and I can assure you I never will. And I am not a member of any party. I have my “list” of what matters to me and depending on where a candidate stands – that will determine how my vote will be cast.

Ryan has voted to repeal Preventative and Public Health Fund, to extend the Patriot Act, to terminate Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, against removing troops from Afghanistan, to prohibit funding for Planned Parenthood, against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, against the Dream Act and against the Seniors Protection Act. He voted against giving mental health the same equality as physical health. He voted against enforcing anti-gay attacks as hate crimes. These are just a few of the most recent decisions by Congressman Ryan which only strengthen my resolve to vote for Rob Zerban in April of 2012. 

Tuco December 07, 2011 at 01:15 PM
So Mr. Zerban is pro-union? Does not get my vote. Mr. Zerban would vote for the Dream Act? Does not get my vote. Mr. Zerban would vote opposite Mr. Ryan? Does not get my vote. I will keep an eye on Mr. Zerban's take on the issues.
Dean December 07, 2011 at 02:04 PM
Sounds like Mr. Zerban is a product of the can't take care of myself culture. Grew up on assistance, went to college on assistance and wants to perpetuate the lifestyle to future generations. I raised a family in one of the worst periods in this countries history, The Jimmy Carter years. High unemployment, high interest rates but never took a dime from anyone. Got 3 jobs, worked hard and earned the lifestyle I enjoy today. The last thing we need is another leach reaching in our pockets
Heather in Caledonia December 07, 2011 at 02:05 PM
What businesses did he run? Is this his first venture into politics? What education does he have? What groups (political and non-political) does he belong to?
Heather Rayne Geyer December 07, 2011 at 03:04 PM
I will have a Q&A with Mr. Zerban posted in the very near future. All of those questions will be touched upon.
patchreader 123 December 07, 2011 at 04:07 PM
In reality, Zerban has his work cut out for him. OK, he's against cutting domestic spending. If that's the case, how does he propose to tackle the deficit? Even if the rich are taxed, which is what he will likely propose, such taxes will not overcome the deficit without raising taxes for everyone or cutting spending somewhere. If Zerban seeks office without proposing concrete solutions (I at least give Ryan credit for sticking his neck out and proposing some kind of solution), he will end up as just another run-of-the-mill politician who is all talk and no walk - a trait too many politicians have regardless of party affiliation.
truthinfacts December 07, 2011 at 04:39 PM
It's time for a change. I'm voting for Rob Zerban. Paul Ryan cares only about himself and the the agenda that benefits him and his friends the most.
SturtResident December 07, 2011 at 04:53 PM
It's time for a change. I'm voting for Scott Walker. The democrats care only about themselves and the agenda that benefits them and their union friends the most. Easily twisted concepts!
GearHead December 07, 2011 at 05:12 PM
Based on your article it sounds like Rob stands for more taxes, more spending, and more instituionalized sloth in general. Who needs that? We need the continued leadership of Paul Ryan, a guy who actually leads with big ideas and bold action... and is a national treasure. My goodness, how narrow-minded and politically paid for you are! You say you vote on the issues, right!!! So when was a Republican ever reflective of your issues?
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 07:41 PM
Zerban is all style and no substance. What is his plan to preserve the so-called 'entitlement' programs without cuts or changes? Is sticking your head in the sand and hoping for the best really the best that Zerban can come up with? In his recent campaign ad, he touts wanting to put America back to work by building our country's infrastructure, but doesn't say where this money is going to come from. We're already borrowing $.40 of every $1 the fed spends with an accrued debt of $15T+. Our debt and interest payments alone are already so high that they eclipse the GDP's of many countries, and yet this guy wants to add even more!!! The debt per taxpayer is already $134k!!! How much is enough? In fact, the only way Zerban can accomplish what he claims to want to do is via taking on more debt and huge tax increases across the board, but he has yet to mention this. WHY??? You’re upset at Walker for non-full disclosure during his campaign (which is a debatable issue at best), and yet are quick to throw your hat behind Zerban without being privy to how he’s going to pay for all of things he wants to do. That’s pretty hypocritical of you HRG! Come on now, you hate hypocrites, remember!
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 07:43 PM
And HRG – you should be fair to Ryan in your assessment instead of lying: “While Ryan continually votes to protect his own interests” What ‘interests’ would those be exactly? “Ryan has aligned himself with special interests and big corporations to ensure the flow of campaign financing.” Do have any proof of this with concrete examples, or is it all liberal blog conspiracy theories? “Lock step with the GOP/Tea Party agenda, Ryan has shown himself to be anti-union.” How exactly has he done this? When did this become the GOP/Tea Party agenda exactly, as I can’t find it on any of their official party platforms anywhere? Also, shouldn’t you distinguish between private and public sector unions here? Your Davis-Bacon example shows the ill-informed and conspiracy theory based contradiction inherent in your formed opinions about Ryan. At least give the man a fair shake. “Yet, Ryan still votes to extend these cuts.” In all reality, Ryan wants to completely reform the tax code and eliminate all special interest tax loop-holes that allow the wealthy to get away with paying less or even nothing in federal income taxes, but for some reason, you fail to mention this in your assessment.
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 07:46 PM
“Congressman Ryan has consistently voted against our best environmental interests.” He’s also consistently voted for practical environmental regulation, but again, you ignore this fact. “Paul Ryan’s move to dismantle Medicare and Social Security would devastate the elderly and poor in our country.” Ryan doesn’t want to ‘dismantle’ anything – he wants to reform them in order to save them from complete collapse. What is Zerban’s plan to shore up these programs other than no cuts/changes, as the CBO has already said that this approach will kill those programs by 2016? Angie Aker is a partisan hack and you know it. There is nothing independent or even analytical about her views/opinions. “Ryan has voted to repeal Preventative and Public Health Fund, to extend the Patriot Act, to terminate Emergency Mortgage Relief Program, against removing troops from Afghanistan, to prohibit funding for Planned Parenthood, against the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, against the Dream Act and against the Seniors Protection Act.” What were Ryan’s reasons behind all of these votes? Do you even know? Zerban’s plan (if you can even call it that) only proposes more spending, but little of anything else. So, a vote for Zerban is a vote for financially enslaving our children to foreign creditors that don’t like us very much. Is that really what you want for your kids? Think about it.
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 07:56 PM
Zerban is nothing but a partisan hack who has juiced in friends and isn’t afraid to use his political connections to get him out of his wrong doings. Apparently, Zerban thinks that he’s above the law, as shown via this CCAP entry: http://wcca.wicourts.gov/caseDetails.do;jsessionid=1302427FCD7E063D6F01D89868ED3B4B.render6?caseNo=2010TR003081&countyNo=30&cacheId=A927DD20BF0D1842BBF8E0836B995649&recordCount=1&offset=0&mode=details&submit=View+Case+Details Yes, it looks like crony politics is a way of life for Zerban, and a vote for him is only further entrenching our government in such an appalling landscape of quid pro quo corruption! Disclosure – The pro-Wirch people, of which HRG is one, found it appropriate to use Jonathan Steitz’s CCAP record against him in the recent senatorial recall elections, so a thorough examination of Zerban’s CCAP record now that he’s a candidate for political office is only fair game.
Milwaukee Ironworkers December 08, 2011 at 04:02 AM
The Jobs Bill is paid for by taxing those who make more than $1,000,000 by a whopping .7%. Every poll that I've seen shows that the majority of Americans are for letting those who can afford to pay more. Most of us don't want Ryan's "Coupon-care" program either. Ryan will march in the Labor Day parade, but, won't talk about jobs. Don't like Union supporters? Ryan owns a Union Contracting business. Do you people watch any other channel than Fox?
patchreader 123 December 08, 2011 at 04:17 AM
HRG: Do you and Zerban not realize that, under Ryan's proposal, Medicare would remain unchanged for those 55 or older, including the millions who now receive health care under the program? How would this "devastate the elderly?" Long story short, this country simply cannot fiscally sustain itself without making major reforms to domestic spending. At least Ryan has the courage to propose a substantive plan. It is this very courage that is drawing the ire of yourself and others who criticize Ryan while not proposing any type of alternative. If another elected representative, Democrat, Republican, or 3P, presents a plan as substantive as Ryan's, I'm all ears.


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