Two Men, A Mask And A Protest

Wayne Clingman and a man that goes by "wolf man" because he's wearing a wolf mask protest in front of the Racine Unified School District Monday. They are disappointed with the outcome of the re-election of incumbents and the performance of the District.

A grassroots rally starts with a few seeds.

And the rally this morning by Citizens United For Personal Responsibility and Government Accountability included two men, Wayne Clingman and a man wearing a mask, who wanted to be called "Wolf man."

The two wanted to express their disappointment that Racine Unified School Board incumbents, Kim Plache, Gretchen Warner and Don Nielsen were re-elected because of their allegiance to the teachers' union. More specifically they were frustrated with the influence of the teachers' unions on the election.

The two men also want others to "recognize they (the School Board members) are incompetent at best and have failed to properly educate children," Clingman said. "...If I were working in a factory and 50 percent of the widgets I made were defective, I'd be fired."

Comments from administrator with the Racine Unified School District could not be obtained because the offices were closed.

Sandy April 11, 2012 at 01:55 AM


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