Walmart on Jan. 30 Plan Commission Agenda; Water Contract Approved

The Jan. 21 Village Board meeting was short, but power-packed with decisions and information residents need to know.

Walmart's application for a land use amendment will be discussed at the Jan. 30 Plan Commission meeting, Village Attorney Elaine Ekes confirmed Monday.

Before the Village Board meeting got into full swing, Ekes told trustees and gathered residents that the retail giant had submitted an application to amend the village's land use plan so it jives with what the county has on file. 

"Per the procedure in the comp plan, the matter will go to the Plan Commission for an initial review," she said. "I would remind all of you that the Plan Commission is a recommend-only board and ultimately, the decision is up to the Village Board."

Ekes confirmed the Plan Commission is not a public hearing, but it is a public meeting residents can attend.

"Will the public hearing combine the Walmart's November rezone request with this new application?" Katie Tiderman asked.

There are no plans to combine those hearings, but that could change depending on what happens at the Plan Commission meeting, Ekes answered.

The Plan Commission meets at 6 p.m. Jan. 30 at the East Side Community Center, 6156 Douglas Avenue.

In other news from the Village Board meeting:

Trustees approved the new, 40-year wholesale water agreement with the City of Racine. Putting their signatures on the dotted lines means trustees have given the village growth opportunities, primarily along Highway K and 7-Mile Road. 

"This goes a long way for Caledonia to having a future," said Trustee and Assemblyman Tom Weatherston.

A concept plan was approved for A&W to move east to the corner of Northwestern Avenue and the East Frontage Road. Frank and Sharon Welch, owners of the restaurant, are making plans to move because of the I-94 expansion and WisDOT having to construct new on- and off-ramps.

Highway Department workers are getting a new truck. Trustees also unanimously approved a new Mack Truck that is being purchased for less than was budgeted thanks to a pretty good trade-in on the old truck. Instead of costing $172,000, the new truck comes in at $155,250.

Racine County Economic Development Corporation will continue helping Caledonia with growth and development. Trustees gave their stamp of approval to renewing the contract for another year.

KEEP ON KEEPING ON January 27, 2013 at 08:34 PM
CC- You asked the following: Would you now object to the "Village" using the area at 4 Mile and North Green Bay Road as a Village Center with mixed housing and retail? Small shops on the lower level with offices and apartments above. Some stand alone apartments, condos, and town homes. What is not precisely clear is if the high density residential shown along the 4 mile, North side of the 2 lots in question would include small retail stores with offices and apartments above. What is clear is the village center type development as you described is indeed, the type planned for the Village Center Area. From both the County and Village level maps and descriptions, the area for mixed use, retail, governmental, office, etc., was placed along Douglas Ave.
KEEP ON KEEPING ON January 27, 2013 at 08:40 PM
CC-The question for me would be to consider the following when discussing any type of mixed used development on the corner of 4 mile and NGB rd: RC Code of ordinances, Ch 20, Division 39-Planned Unit Overlay District (like WM) (5) That in the case of a proposed commercial planned unit development overlay district A.The economic practicality of the proposed development can be justified. B.The proposed development will be adequately served by off-street parking and truck service facilities. C.The proposed development is adequately provided with and does not impose any undue burden on public services and facilities such as fire and police protection, street maintenance, and maintenance of public areas. D.The location for entrances and exits have been designated to prevent unnecessary interference with the safe and efficient movement of traffic on surrounding streets, and that the development will not create an adverse effect upon the general traffic pattern of the surrounding neighborhood. E.The architectural design, landscaping, control of lighting, and general site development will result in an attractive and harmonious service area compatible with and not adversely affecting the property values of the surrounding neighborhood or area. *This is RC, not Caledonia ordinance, but certainly applicable. I can see some type of mixed use for this area that meets these standards. No way in he** a 182,000 sq ft superstore does.
Caledonia Confused January 27, 2013 at 11:58 PM
That is precisely what I am proposing. Combining all the current plans for the whole VC-M area to just the corner of 4 Mile and North Green Bay Roads. Albeit at a much smaller scale and without a train station. I am trying to work at a compromise. That land is easy to develop and has a willing seller. Maybe a local developer might take a chance at something like that. Not all at once though.
Caledonia Confused January 28, 2013 at 12:16 AM
Do you think that these would prevent implementing the current "Conceptual Plan" for the VC-M area?
KEEP ON KEEPING ON January 30, 2013 at 12:38 AM
CC-relative to your comment: That is precisely what I am proposing. Combining all the current plans for the whole VC-M area to just the corner of 4 Mile and North Green Bay Roads. Albeit at a much smaller scale and without a train station. This idea would be a change to the Plan. Bottom line: If our Village Plan intended for the type of development WM is proposing, they wouldn't have request to have the LUP changed. Well, they have, because it's not part of our plan.... OUR PLAN. The Planning Commission, Board and attorney can discuss the protocal for amendments and procedural issues tomorrow. Well and good to be educated. But NO CHANGE NEEDS to happen. IF we as a community feel the plan needs updating, WE do it, NOT WM. Not their lawyers, not their development experts. They don't live here, they didn't create our plan, they did not elect our officials for representation.


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