Rob Zerban Releases New Campaign Video

Candidate Rob Zerban believes he is the best choice for Wisconsinites and Americans when it comes to representing the 1st Congressional District.

In his brand new campaign video, Rob Zerban's message is perfectly clear: Congressman Paul Ryan works for rich people.

Beginning with a montage of clips from various news sources, Zerban wants to make it obvious that Ryan is only interested in advancing the interests of wealthy Americans and not helping rebuild the middle class. Zerban stresses his small business experience as the reason why he gets it: balancing budgets, valuing employees, understanding taxes.

in the First Congressional District in Wisconsin.

patchreader 123 December 07, 2011 at 04:05 PM
In reality, Zerban has his work cut out for him. OK, he's against cutting domestic spending. If that's the case, how does he propose to tackle the deficit? Even if the rich are taxed, which is what he will likely propose, such taxes will not overcome the deficit without raising taxes for everyone or cutting spending somewhere. If Zerban seeks office without proposing concrete solutions (I at least give Ryan credit for sticking his neck out and proposing some kind of solution), he will end up as just another run-of-the-mill politician who is all talk and no walk - a trait too many politicians have regardless of party affiliation.
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 06:43 PM
No surprise that Zerban’s first ad is an out-of-context, distort, let’s play class warfare negative hit piece that’s all style and no real substance to speak of. It also appears to be aimed at appealing to the ‘extreme’ left via its use of Ed Schultz and other prominent uber-liberal media pundits/spinsters and images of the recent Capitol protests in Madison. Also, it’s quite IRONIC that the first thing Zerban says in the ad is “…and I know why economic OPPORTUNITY has to exist for all people in this land… .” Wasn’t this very same premise just the crux, focus, and conclusion of a recent article by Ryan comparing and contrasting opportunity equality vs. outcome equality, with Ryan favoring opportunity equality? I KNOW it was! Zerban is STEALING from Ryan and attempting to use it to contrast himself with Ryan – what a HYPOCRITICAL DECEPTION!
James R Hoffa December 07, 2011 at 06:51 PM
So, let’s see if we can decipher Zerban’s plan (if any) from this ad – 1) Balance the budget and make hard decisions – all style, no substance as he never says how he will accomplish this. 2) No cuts/changes to programs that the CBO has determined will fail / go bankrupt in the near future if something isn’t done to change them – stick your head in the sand and hope for the best I guess. 3) Put people back to work by building the infrastructure of America – more government spending at a time when we’re already borrowing $.40 of every $1 spent by the federal government and sitting on a $15T+ federal debt, so in other words kick the burden down the road and financially enslave our children to foreign lenders that don’t like us very much. That’s it! As Ed Schultz says in the ad, “I think Wisconsinites are a hell of lot smarter than” to buy into Zerban’s extremely shallow lines of negative attack, class warfare rhetoric, and do nothing except increase spending and hope for the best plan. Zerban = JOKE!!!


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