Official Says: More People Showing Interest In Helping Racine Republican Party

Local Republicans may be frustrated sitting on the sidelines as Democrats get recall signatures to try to oust Gov. Scott Walker, but they've been looking to volunteer with Racine County Republican Party.

An official with the Racine County Republican Party said they’ve seen an outpouring support for their party after a ran about a man, who claimed he collected petition signatures and considered destroying them.

When the story ran, Bill Folk, chairman for the Racine County Republican Party, immediately denounced the man’s actions and said the man wasn’t acting under the direction of the party.

Still, more people are volunteering to help keep Gov. Scott Walker in office, Folk said. The Democrats claim they have about 300,000 signatures and they need 540,000 signatures to trigger a recall election.

“We’ve seen an outpouring of support (for keeping Walker in office) after that article, but we’ve also gotten some emails from those that were inappropriate and they essentially said, ‘We know what you are really doing,’ but it wasn’t said in such a nice way.”

But Folk said the Republican Party had nothing to do with collecting or destroying petitions.

Right now, the Party is focused on preparing for the possibility of a recall and getting yard signs, which people are anxious to have.

“But we kind of have to wait until we start doing that,” he said. “There are other hurdles that need to be done before we start getting them.”

Despite having a laundry list of volunteers, Folk said there’s very little he or his party can do right now to prevent a potential recall. But they can be ready for one by making sure people understand the facts around signing a recall petition.

“Everyone is going to know if you sign a recall petition,” Folk said. “We’re going to request them through an open records request and were going to be going through them with an in-depth scrutiny because we want to make sure the people who are signing are valid voters.”

But Folk said he also realizes that under current law, the recall petition is allowed, and people who want to collect signatures have a right to do that. Still, Folk said he supports Rep. Robin Vos (R-Rochester) in his to change Wisconsin’s recall law.

“Basically, the way the law works now, if I don’t like the color of a guy’s shirt, I can recall him,” Folk said. “We can’t change the law right now, but I see the value in changing it.”

unreasonable November 30, 2011 at 12:56 AM
I'm glad the republicans are getting the word out via new commercials. The recall will happen and we just need to be prepared to vote and spread the word to everyone to vote for Walker. We'll see what happens? If he loses, then we will have our taxes go up and the public employee unions will repeal what Scott Walker has done for us. Everything will back to the way it was. I just hate that we're trapped in the longest election cycle in history. I think even level headed independents are thinking the democrats are whiney little kids when they don't get their way. All this because people were asked to pay their fair share. I've never gotten a straight answer on one point: How are the KIDS affected if the teachers have to pay some of their pension and medical benefits? Other than the teachers showing up for work in a bad mood because they have to pay for some of their pension and medical benefits. The school districts that didn't use the tools are the ones that have to cut employees and affect the kids, but thats on them. This is really about Scott Walker forcing public employee unions pay for some of their pension and medical benefits. This is common in the private sector. So the people who want to recall Walker are saying, I don't want to pay some of my pension and medical benefits. Mr Taxpayer you're so selfish with your money give it to me I deserve it more than you. I sometimes hear, it's more than that. Answer: no it's that and it's only that. Let's keep voting, I will.
GearHead November 30, 2011 at 01:32 AM
The Democrats have been in chronic crybaby mode for 10 months. Hard for Walker and the Republicans to get their message out when the media beelines towards the squeeky (ahhh, I mean obnoxious) wheel. But it's working. And the sky isn't falling. We will be getting our tax bills by the end of the year. Noteworthy will be no state or county tax increases. City of Racine, RUSD and Gateway will rise again, because they didn't use the tools afforded to them by Act 10. Of course if you aren't paying property taxes, and feeding at the trough, why should you care? Heck yeah, there is a lot of pent-up energy to move Wisconsin forward. That depends on keeping Walker, Wanggaard and others in office.
Earache November 30, 2011 at 01:32 PM
You idiots actually think your taxes are going to go down?? Thats funny. Bush was president and for 8 years taxes go up. Its what they do. Its like the price of bread, it goes up. If you want to beat up on people beat up on the welfare abusers. Walker and Wankergaard are extremists who have selected an easy target,working people. They must be proud. By the way, where are the jobs? Oh, yeah there aren't any GOOD ONES. Maybe at Wal-Mart you could work for nothing and no benefits selling chinese imports. Meanwhile these fools support spending oodles of money on the endless wars while beating up on teachers and civil servants.
enicar333 November 30, 2011 at 01:43 PM
You have to start somewhere - and Governor Walker is the first to address the issue of the decimation of the private tax base. It IS how the State is funded - your failure to recognize that fact does not change that fact. I have to say that over the years both Democrats and Republican Governors have worked to loot the state and have been fiscal disasters - which is why we're here. Governor Walker is FINALLY addressing the issue. Racine County has the County Executive we need - Jim Ladwig, who is working on bringing jobs here, THE RIGHT WAY. It's going to be a long, hard road to re-build the tax base, and filled with some economic pain for the public employees. Grin and bear it - you still have your jobs and an income - unlike your neighbors. See the financial destruction of Racine WI - in pictures: http://flic.kr/ps/24HuuQ
Morninmist Same December 01, 2011 at 02:18 AM
Folk is nothing but a self-pitying crybaby. Whow--what a victim he makes himself (and the TeaGOP) out to be. So, Folk is parroting Charlie Sykes. No surprise.


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