Mount Pleasant Voters Choose Romney, Baldwin, Ryan

Voters split their support for Democratic and Republican candidates.

Results rolled in late Tuesday night from Mount Pleasant, but in the end, voters here could best be described as purple.

Republican Mitt Romney triumphed over President Barack Obama, but residents also chose to send Democrat Tammy Baldwin to the US Senate over former Gov. Tommy Thompson. At the same time, US Rep. Paul Ryan kept his seat in the 1st Congressional District.

Mount Pleasant has a total of 18,131 voters. With 16,123 ballots cast, the village saw a record turnout of 89 percent.

     Race       Pct. reporting Democratic Candidates Results Republican Candidates Results President - Mount Pleasant


Romney-Ryan 8,009 President - Sturtevant 100 Obama-Biden 1,425 Romney-Ryan 1,424 U.S. Senate - Mount Pleasant 100 Tammy Baldwin 7,742 Tommy Thompson 7,569 U.S. Senate - Sturtevant 100 Tammy Baldwin 1,401 Tommy Thompson 1,351 62nd State Assembly District
100 Melissa Lemke 394 Thomas Weatherston 394 63rd State Assembly District - Mount Pleasant
100 Kelley Albrecht
5,129 Robin Vos
5,831 63rd State Assembly District - Sturtevant 100 Kelley Albrecht 1,383 Robin Vos 1,338 22nd State Senate District 100 Bob Wirch 1,713 Pam Stevens 1,526 1st Congressional District - Mount Pleasant
Rob Zerban 7,266 Paul Ryan 8,295
1st Congressional District - Sturtevant 100 Rob Zerban 1,411 Paul Ryan 1,329


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