Mount Pleasant Trustee Angry About Administrator Procedure

The board voted that the Personnel Committee should look to fill a full time position after an ad was already placed to find interested candidates.

The search for a full-time Administrator in is a go, the vote taken after an ad was placed for the position.

Trustees voted 4-3 at the Oct. 10 Village Board meeting to direct the Personnel Committee to continue trying to fill the position with a full time employee. The job has been vacant since former Administrator Mike Andreasen, who .

"Who authorized this?" asked Trustee Karen Albeck. "The board did not confirm this was the direction we were going to go. What were you thinking?"

Albeck believes so strongly that the village Personnel Committee may have acted illegally by directing the for a new Administrator that she is going to talk to the Racine County District Attorney's office.

"This was illegal and I will pursue it," she added. "I promise."

But Harry Manning, trustee and chair of the committee, defended the committee by reviewing the steps taken by both the board and committee members since the .

"The Personnel Committee was directed on Aug. 22 to work on the job description and that we wouldn't use an outside consultant," he said.

There were also questions about whether or not having the Administrator issue on the agenda was done properly since neither Ron Meyer nor Salas were aware of it. Meyer is the village Planning Director and, with Salas, part of the interim management team.

"So I'm not happy about this," said Trustee Gary Feest. "And I'm a stickler for procedure so I'm not thrilled that the ad was placed."

Salas read the ad to trustees in which the village asks for candidates, but never states the job is full time. Feest said he doesn't have a problem with the ad and Albeck said she doesn't, either because her issue is that the board never authorized the search for a full time employee to move forward.

"We talked about a job description but never did the board authorize this as a full time position or to place an ad for it," she stated.

Trustee John Hewitt made the motion to have the Personnel Committee move forward with provisions for a full time Administrator. Sonny Havn seconded the motion, but then Manning asked to amend Hewitt's motion by adding the language of the ad.

Albeck scoffed.

"First the ad was placed without board approval and now we have a motion to basically cover your you-know-what?" she asked.

In the end, Albeck, Feest and Jerry Garski voted against the motion. Havn, Milkie, Hewitt and Manning voted in favor of a full time Administrator.

Rees Roberts October 11, 2011 at 06:06 AM
According to the US Census Mt. Pleasant is the 2nd largest Village in the State. And there are Trustees who honestly believe the Village doesn't need an Administrator? What are you thinking? Also, in my opinion, do you Trustees believe it is smart to argue about when the ad is placed? Any "good" potential administrator candidate would certainly be reading the media to get a better handle on what may be in store for them. I think there are more important things to take to the District Attorney. Remember, you are representing the citizens. Many did not impress me from what I read tonight. Here is the list of the top 3 Village populations of Wisconsin I found from a 60 second Google search: Caledonia village 25,909 Mount Pleasant village 26,601 Menomonee Falls village 34,623
Heather Asiyanbi October 11, 2011 at 02:04 PM
Not all trustees agree that a full time Administrator is needed for the village. The 4-3 vote signals the split in opinion. Story about these differing views coming soon.
Rees Roberts October 11, 2011 at 09:15 PM
Allow me to expand on my viewpoint. Here is a list of the top population centers in Wisconsin: Cudahy city 18,980 Germantown village 19,642 Pleasant Prairie village 19,878 South Milwaukee city 21,342 Watertown city 22,939 Muskego city 23,134 De Pere city 23,419 Mequon city 23,476 Fitchburg city 24,141 Stevens Point city 25,218 Neenah city 25,530 Caledonia village 25,909 Mount Pleasant village 26,601 Superior city 26,775 Sun Prairie city 29,105 West Bend city 30,162 Manitowoc city 32,764 Oak Creek city 33,959 Menomonee Falls village 34,623 Greenfield city 36,459 Beloit city 36,560 Franklin city 36,987 Wausau city 38,430 Brookfield city 39,200 New Berlin city 39,281 Fond du Lac city 42,340 Wauwatosa city 45,377 Sheboygan city 47,782 La Crosse city 51,231 West Allis city 60,529 Janesville city 63,325 Oshkosh city 64,306 Eau Claire city 66,278 Waukesha city 68,376 Appleton city 70,893 Racine city 82,009 Kenosha city 98,187 Green Bay city 101,412 Madison city 235,419 Milwaukee city 605,013 Would the Trustees expect places like Cudahy, Germantown, South Milwaukee, Stevens Point or Neenah to operate without an administrator (if they were a village)? These places are all smaller than Mt. Pleasant and yet you believe we could do without one. What are you thinking?
Michael P. Voss October 13, 2011 at 08:31 PM
(Karen)"Albeck believes so strongly that the village Personnel Committee may have acted illegally by directing the clerk/treasurer to place an ad for a new Administrator that she is going to talk to the Racine County District Attorney's office." So, Karen: I never knew that our District Attorneys office was also into the hiring and staffing business for Mt Pleasant as well? Wow, very talented to multi-task! I will have to keep this in mind next time we are hiring: Michael


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