Mount Pleasant Narrows Administrator Field to Three

While there is still not a confirmed start date, the Village Board recently conducted interviews with three finalists.

Three candidates are still standing in the search for Mount Pleasant's next administrator.

The village has been without an administrator since . An interim management team of Planning Director Ron Meyer, former Clerk/Treasurer Debra Salas, and Village President Carolyn Milkie have been taking the reins and sharing the duties. Members of the Personnel Committee listed ads for the vacancy last fall, and

Since then, a candidate review committee went through the applications, helped with interviews and made their recommendations. Three applicants are still in the running:

  • Michael Gracz: Village Administrator since 1999 in Village of Oregon, Wisc. 
  • Timothy Freitag: City Administrator since 2007 for City of Jefferson, Wisc.
  • Michael Weber: Village Administrator since 1994 for Village of Hales Corners, Wisc.

According to Village President Carolyn Milkie, trustees have not made a final decision and there is not a scheduled Board meeting to construct a formal offer for the successful candidate.

to replace Salas as clerk/treasurer. Salas as the first appointed clerk in a number of years after the Board voted in August 2010 to change the position from that of elected to a staff. Salas spent 15 years in the clerk's office for the City of Kenosha and recently returned there to take the top job in that same office.

Tim Scott March 03, 2012 at 03:14 AM
A quick search around the web and I didn't find anything I would object to with any of the candidates - but then that means very little. I'm more satisfied that those who I would object to weren't selected, at least for now. Got any good dirt on any of the candidates?
Rees Roberts March 03, 2012 at 04:15 PM
Here we go again. "Got any good dirt on any of the candidates?" Why do we always emphasize the negative? Why not ask "Got any information which would make a certain candidate a better fit for Administrator for Mt. Pleasant? Wouldn't that be a more productive question? Seriously!
Tim Scott March 03, 2012 at 04:45 PM
Sometimes it is easier to weed out the bad - isn't that what WEEDING is all about? Also - It's not what they promote- IT'S WHAT THEY HIDE! UH, no one promotes the bad stuff.


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