How the Villages Voted for School Board, Circuit Court, County Board

Like a Monday morning quarterback, Patch is breaking down the numbers for how you voted for the Racine Unified School Board candidates, the circuit court judges, and the county board supervisors.

If you're feeling woozy from all the election coverage, we don't blame you. By now we know who came out the winner(s) in the various races, but don't you wonder how your village voted overall?

Wonder no more. Patch has those numbers for you right here.

Overall, voter turnout was at about 30 percent, just about right where both village clerks predicted early on Tuesday. We've already covered how you all voted in the Republican presidential preference primary so here's how it breaks down for the school board, circuit court and county supervisor(s):

In Mount Pleasant:

Racine Unified Board of Education

  • Kim Plache, 2,824
  • Don Nielsen, 2,466
  • Gretchen Warner, 2,328
  • Brian Dey, 1,959
  • Roger Pfost, 1,882
  • Scott Brownell, 1,858
  • Write in, 14

Circuit Court, Branch 5

  • Mike Piontek, 2,870
  • Michael Nieskes, 1,944

Circuit Court, Branch 10

  • Mark Nielsen, 2,995
  • Timothy Boyle, 1,976

County Supervisor, District 14

  • Kay Buske, 252
  • Robert Stake, 165

County Board Supervisors who ran unopposed include: Robert Miller (District 11); Ronald Molnar (District 12); Mark Gleason (District 13); Rusty Clark (District 7); and Donnie Snow (District 1).

In Sturtevant:

Racine Unified School District

  • Kim Plache, 442
  • Don Nielsen, 381
  • Gretchen Warner, 374
  • Brian Dey, 318
  • Scott Brownell, 297
  • Roger Pfost, 290
  • Write-in, 2

Racine County Circuit Court, Branch 5

  • Mike Piontek, 485
  • Michael Nieskes, 318

Racine County Circuit Court, Branch 10

  • Mark Nielsen, 519
  • Timothy Boyle, 302

County Board, District 14

  • Kay Buske, 454
  • Robert Stake, 324
James R Hoffa April 04, 2012 at 11:19 PM
Thanks for the breakdown Heather - you and Denise L. ROCK!!!
Heather Asiyanbi April 04, 2012 at 11:31 PM
Awww, thanks, Hoffa! It was a looooong day, but fun and really interesting, too! Looking forward to doing it again in about 3 weeks and then again in June ... and November.
James R Hoffa April 05, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Good old Wisconsin - always voting!


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