Decade-Long Garbage Almost a Done Deal

Trustees like the 10-year deal for stability.

Sturtevant trustees are expected to approve a 10-year long contract with Veolia that will lock in rates for residents with small annual increases.

Board members are choosing a 10-year over a five-year or seven-year contract to lock in stability for residents.

"I like this because it means we're know exactly what we're looking at for the next few years," said Trustee Jayme Hoffman at the Oct. 9 committee meeting.

Residents will pay $12.37 per month for both 2013 and 2014; $9.50 of the charge is for garbage and $2.97 covers recycling.

Veolia is supplying larger single-sort recycling containers with yellow lids.

"Single sort helps boost participation," said Jason Johnson, a manager with the company.

Costs will go up each year of the contract except for the seventh year, which would be in 2018. Increases are based on the Consumer Price Index, which will fluctuate for Sturtevant between 2.5 and 5 percent.

"Veolia is guaranteeing that rates will not go up more than 5 percent from year-to-year, based primarily on the cost of doing business," Johnson stated.

Trustee Chris Larsen pointed out that with the 10-year contract, village residents are actually guaranteed three years of zero increases because whatever the charge is in the sixth year (2017) that is also the charge in year seven - 2018.

"We're putting in place a pricing structure residents can plan for," he said. "And with the contract language stating rates will be the same in 2013, 2014 and years six and seven, that makes it even better."

Village Clerk/Interim Administrator Mary Cole, though, encouraged trustees to look at the seven-year contract to open up the services for bid.

"I like the idea of bidding services out after seven years because you don't know if another company could be just as competitive," she said. "The bid process helps keep everyone honest."


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