62nd Assembly District Race Is On

A total of four candidates are vying for a position in the newly formed 62nd Assembly District and yes... there's probably going to be a primary.

A Democratic primary election has become a possibility for the now that a second Democratic candidate has announced their candidacy.

Randy Bryce, 1718 Dale Drive, announced his bid for candidacy this afternoon.

“With the current volatile political atmosphere in Wisconsin, I seek to build bridges so that all of the people in the State can have their voice heard," Bryce said. "Our government should be accessible, transparent, and, accountable.  I seek to stop giving breaks to those who can afford it while the majority of working America keeps being told to make more sacrifices. I refuse to accept cuts to our services while property taxes are raised.”

Bryce, 47, of Caledonia, is a political coordinator and holds an executive position on the Milwaukee Ironworkers Local 8 Board. He’s also a volunteer for Rob Zerban’s campaign and is a U.S. Army Veteran. Zerban is currently running as a Democrat against Paul Ryan (R-Janesville) for Wisconsin’s first congressional district seat.

“I’ve been involved in the political scene since Walker dropped the bomb on unions,” Bryce said. “What I do is advocate for jobs so our guys can get to work. But Walker promised 250,000 jobs, and we’ve got nothing.”

A resident of Caledonia for six years, Bryce said he is currently between jobs himself even though he keeps calling contractors to see what’s out there.

“I have first hand knowledge of how bad people have it, I directly feel it myself,” Bryce said. “I’ve been speaking out for building and trades for years and I have a direct connection to people.

“I’m not doing this for the sake of having a job. I’m speaking out for people who haven’t been heard. I don’t know how we can keep giving tax breaks to people who have plenty of money, it’s never worked for us so far.”

Bryce believes that when consumers spend money, demand is created.

“Why don’t we roll back the tax breaks and use that money to rebuild infrastructure and create jobs,” he said.

Melissa Ann Lemke, 815 Three Mile Road, has also taken out papers for the position. Both are running on the Democratic ticket for the seat.

Lemke declined to comment at this time.

Troy Halversen, 1715 Venus Circle, is running as a libertarian and , 5300 Santa Anita Drive, is running on the Republican Party ticket. Rep. The seat, which is currently held by , will be vacant when he moves into the newly created 66th Assembly District.

The deadline for filing nominating petitions is June 1 and the Partisan Primary will be held Tuesday, August 14, 2012. The General Election will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012.


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