Shooting Heroin, Ambulance Breaks Down, Unpaid Taxes, OWI in Reverse

Busy week? We relate, so we've rounded up the top 10 most-read stories of the week for you in one convenient spot. See below.

Well, it was quite a week, wasn't it? We had some big news - including two primaries - but also found out that Panera has a new menu that's not visible to all and there's a handy database where you can check out who has and hasn't paid their property taxes in Racine County.

But, as usual, the top stories from the week list is dominated by crime, both the kind that makes you shake your head and chuckle a bit and the kind that makes you shake your head at the waste.

Topping our list is the story of a woman who was arrested for allegedly shooting heroin in the bathroom of the Shell gas station near I-94. A friend of the woman's took the right step by calling the police.

A South Shore ambulance broke down with a patient inside Friday night for the second time during the same call. The first time the rig stopped running was on the way to the call, and though they called for a replacement during the break down on the way to the hospital, the crew got it started again and delivered their patient.

Who didn't pay their taxes got searchable with this handy database. Did you know Racine area unpaid taxes top $17 Million? We were shocked, too.

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