Racine Man Faces Life In Prison for Being 'Sexually Violent'

The state says James M. Lalor has mental issues that make it an almost certainty that he will re-offend.

State Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen filed a motion Thursday in Racine County Circuit Court to commit James M. Lalor because Lalor is sexually violent.

According to a written release from Van Hollen's office, the state seeks to commit Lalor for treatment under Wisconsin's sexual predator law.

"Commitment" means until the individual is no longer considered a predator. If the state successfully argues its motion and Lalor is committed, he will still have the right to petition the court for discharge or supervised release, etc.

Chapter 980 of the state statute reads, "...a person may be subject to a civil commitment when the person has been convicted of a sexually violent offense, has a mental disorder, and is dangerous to others because the mental disorder makes it likely he or she will commit further acts of sexual violence."

Lalor was convicted in 1992 of two counts of first degree sexual assault of a child and was sentenced to two 10-year prison sentences to run concurrently on the first count. The second sentence was stayed and 10 years probation was imposed for the second count.

But, Van Hollen is going to ask the court to commit Lalor because the state says Lalor suffers from a mental illness "that predispose him to engage in acts of sexual violence."

"The petition also alleges that Lalor is dangerous as his mental disorders make it likely that he will engage in future acts of sexual violence," the release states.

Lalor's hearing is Nov. 21 before Judge Timothy Boyle.

Jason November 11, 2012 at 02:17 PM
I don't know what this Guy did or his history but how do you commit someone when their sentence is done. Maybe we should give them longer sentences
Linda Lalor Murry Wuerker November 13, 2012 at 05:18 AM
I know who he is and he needs to rot in hell ... He will never change and he will kill someone so he won't get caught if let out again forget mental illness he knows exactly what he has done what he is doing and will continue to do he's a con not mental illness ... Please do not let this bastard out for all the kids sake


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