Going Sledding? Don't Forget Mount Pleasant's Hill

While we went most of the winter without enough snow for sledding, the past few weeks have left us with plenty of white stuff for winter recreation. Here are some options close to home, and farther afield.

There are places to sled throughout the area, and many of them are well-known.

Lockwood Park has one of the biggest sledding hills in the area. Shoop Park in Caledonia has many options for sledders, from gentle slopes to steeper hills.

But there's a sledding spot in Mount Pleasant that often goes overlooked, according to a story in The Journal Times. A back corner of Stewart-McBride Park has a two-year-old hill, built for sledding when they renovated the park. 

If you're looking for other options, check out our list of sledding and tobogganing spots throughout the Milwaukee area.


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