Holiday Spending: How Creative Do You Get?

We've all got a budget these days. But, how much do you spend on your children's Christmas presents?

Growing up on a farm in Ohio, I remember Christmases that seemed more organic, and traditional than what we have now.

In college, not having a lot of money, I gave my parents hand-written poems on parchment paper. I made my friends little baskets filled with movie passes and candy. And once, I gave my very used Charlotte's Webb book to my teacher because I wanted other kids to read it.

When I was younger, my grandmother would knit sweaters for us and we'd make Slovakian sweet breads. I helped my mom make hard tack candy for my classmates. And one year we went to a neighboring farm and made our own popcorn balls.  

So, I did a little research and found this really interesting movement called Buy Nothing Christmas, which includes a whole website devoted to discovering what you already have.

While this may seem extreme, I wondered how do you decide how much you'll spend on your children's Christmas presents? What kinds of alternative gifts have you given?


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