Nick Young Gets America's Vote On 'So You Think You Can Dance'

He learned early on that he is safe and will dance again next week!

Franklin dancer Nick Young and local Patchers didn't have to wait long to find out if America voted Young and his partner, Iveta Lukosiute, into the next round of So You Think You Can Dance. The couple tackled the quickstep, commonly known as one of the most difficult ballroom dances. Since Lukosiute is a 10-time world champion in ballroom, the pressure was on Young to keep up.

He not only kept up, he held his own and led Lukosiute around the stage as if he'd been dancing ballroom for years.

After a fast re-cap of the Wed., June 15, performances and a group dance by the Top 20, the first three couples were brought on stage, one of which was Young and Lukosiute. The first two couples were quickly announced as safe.

Then, host Cat Deeley handed the envelope with Young's results to him and told him to take with him over the "safe" area of the studio.

It took a moment for Young and Lukosiute to realize that they would dance again next week, but once the news sunk in, the happiness on their faces was unmistakable.

In fact, everyone was safe this week, but the joy will be short-lived for four dancers because two couples will go home next week.

Will you keep watching Nick each week and voting for him?


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